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Exchange of USA land rights

The exchange of USA land rights is a complex real estate transaction involving Salt River Project and the Bureau of Reclamation.

Salt River Project (SRP) processes the request through the Bureau of Reclamation (BOR) and the process takes approximately twelve to eighteen months to complete.

The applicant pays SRP a non-refundable upfront fee of $7,500 to initiate the land exchange. These funds reimburse SRP for its administrative costs and for the required Phase I Environmental Assessment.

In addition, the BOR requires a deposit of $8,000 to initiate a federal realty action. The BOR bills actual costs. If those costs exceed $8,000 the BOR will invoice you for the difference; if the costs are less than $8,000 the BOR will refund the difference.

The real estate transaction requires the preparation of signed and sealed legal descriptions, title reports, and the staking of the existing and proposed USA land rights for the Phase I assessment.

No grading or disturbance of the soil is permitted until SRP releases the job for construction upon written approval by the BOR.

Do not record a plat or otherwise encumber the proposed USA property. The USA will not accept property subject to a recorded plat. A plat may be recorded once the new land right has been conveyed to the USA.

After the Field Solicitor for the BOR has issued verification that all requirements have been met and approved the new land rights, SRP will forward the appropriate conveyance document to you for execution. Upon recording of the conveyance document and receipt of the title policy, the BOR will notify SRP that construction activities can commence.

After the new facilities have been constructed, inspected, and accepted into the irrigation system, the BOR will convey the land rights no longer needed to the property owner.

For more information concerning the exchange of USA land rights, contact Dan Kovochich at (602) 236-8175.

To schedule the initial meeting to discuss relocation of Project facilities and federal land rights, contact Christian Andrews at (602) 236-3046.


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