We're enhancing efforts to keep customers in power

SRP cares about the safety and well-being of its customers. That's why we're continuously enhancing efforts to help keep customers in power, especially during Arizona's hot summer months.

SRP remains focused on assisting our customers to stay in power by providing effective programs and outreach to meet their unique needs, including disconnection moratoriums when the National Weather Service issues an excessive heat warning. Our extensive inventory of programs and resources continues to evolve in response to today's changing circumstances.

Summer disconnections and relief measures

In June 2019 the Arizona Corporation Commission (ACC) enacted a summertime moratorium on disconnections for regulated investor-owned utilities, of which SRP is not included, as SRP is a community-based not-for-profit entity governed by a publicly elected board.

In response to the ruling, SRP and several community action agencies expressed concerns about the unintended consequences of such an action. Therefore SRP did not implement system wide disconnect moratoriums over the summer and instead made enhancements to programs to further serve our customers experiencing difficulty paying their utility bill.

Immediate enhancements to further support customers in need

SRP enacted the following enhancements over the summer to help keep customers in power:

  • Doubled the number of advances provided to customers on SRP’s popular voluntary prepay program, M-Power, from two to four per month.
  • Doubled the minimum past-due balance for disconnect from $150 to $300 for billed customers, who will continue to be allowed up to six payment extensions annually.
  • Enabled customers to more quickly enroll in the SRP Medical Preparedness Program, which prevents
    shutoffs to any customers who require the use of electricity to operate medical life support equipment.
  • Increased enrollment in the SRP Safety Net Program, which allows customers to designate a third party — such as family members or friends — to be notified if their bill becomes past due.
  • Increased efforts to communicate and educate customers and the community about the many programs available to keep them in power, including srpnet.com/heretohelp, a new online resource.

This approach is consistent with SRP’s long-standing commitment to work with its customers to provide assistance and additional community resources that make the most difference during difficult financial circumstances. We also remain committed to continuously reviewing our policies and procedures to identify other actions for the benefit of our customers and the communities we serve.

Collaboration with community action agencies

In June 2019 SRP met with the leaders of several community action agencies that represent at-risk populations to better understand how to best serve Valley residents when they are having difficulty paying their electricity bill. SRP and these organizations agree that long-term disconnection moratoriums can lead to complex and very difficult circumstances, such as unmanageable balances, that many low-income customers might not be able to recover from.

SRP is here to help, always

We continue to strongly encourage our customers to contact us if they are experiencing financial difficulties and problems paying their electricity bill so we can work proactively to solve issues before they grow and help keep them in power.

Our experienced customer service representatives and customer resource counselors have considerable flexibility to meet customers' unique needs and go to great lengths to keep them in power, including granting payment extensions if additional time to pay the bill is requested.

Contact SRP

If you or someone you care about is in need of assistance, please call us 24/7, even on holidays, at (602) 236-8888. We're here to help.

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