SRP Safety Net

Stay notified if someone you care about has an electric bill become past due.

How it works

SRP Safety Net enables customers to enroll a friend or family member to receive a notification if their SRP electric bill becomes past due. If you care for someone who may have difficulty paying their electric bill, Safety Net can give you early visibility to help ensure payments are made and power stays connected.

How to sign up

  • To add someone to your Safety Net:
    Call SRP at (602) 236-8888 to add a person to your Safety Net. They will begin receiving a mailed notification if your electric bill becomes past due.
  • To join someone else's Safety Net:
    If you'd like someone to add you to their Safety Net, encourage them to call SRP to add you.

Safety Net is a notification service only. Adding someone to your Safety Net does not give them access or control over your SRP account. If you'd like to authorize a third party to your account, you may do so through our account information release form.

Stay informed with email and text alerts

SRP's eNote account alerts are another way to send and receive timely information about an account. The Billing & Payment eNote sends a text or email alert when the bill is available, when the payment has been received, when the payment has not been made three days prior to the due date and again if the bill becomes past due.

You can configure these alerts to send to yourself, as well as to friends and family members. Simply update your contact information in My Account to include the people you wish to send alerts to, then subscribe them to the Billing & Payment eNotes option in your preference center.

Contact us

If you have questions or need help signing up, please contact us: (602) 236-8888.

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