What the grid means to me

The evolving grid is a modern technological upgrade to the current power grid. It uses two-way communications to better balance diverse energy sources and improve reliability for customers.

Energy efficiency at home

Through advancing metering technology, SRP customers are better able to see and track their energy use on a daily basis via My Account. But this is only a small part in the process to the grid.



The average annual system reliability of the combined U.S. grid is 99.97%.

This new system of communication also allows SRP to plan and anticipate energy demand and avoid drops in power quality.

It also enables SRP to speed power restoration after an outage, and cut back on long troubleshooting field visits, saving money on fuel and emissions from driving.

Future economic opportunity

The evolving grid improves the ability to serve future economic development, like the expansion of high-tech industries and data warehouses in the Valley. The improved power reliability and expanded variety of energy sources helps to insure future power system growth to fuel future economic expansion in metropolitan Phoenix.

Renewable energy integration

Did you know?

Connection to the grid allows solar customers a way to sell excess energy when they produce more than they consume.

New sources of renewable energy, like solar and wind are joining SRP's portfolio of power generation. The integrated grid will balance the renewable sources of energy with more traditional baseload generation to ensure a steady, reliable stream of energy to SRP residential and commercial customers.

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