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Coolidge Expansion Project

See how new generation infrastructure will help meet growing power demand.

See how new generation infrastructure will help meet growing power demand. To contact SRP about this project, please call (888) 705-1509.

Why is this project needed?

The proposed Coolidge Expansion Project (CEP) is needed to meet the significant near-term increase in energy needs in SRP's service territory, which is among the fastest growing regions in the nation. In addition, the CEP will enable the addition of more renewable resources while maintaining a reliable power grid. The CEP will ensure that SRP can meet these objectives while staying on the path to achieve our deep decarbonization goals over the long term.

What benefit does it serve?

Benefits of CEP:

  • Meeting Near-term Demand: One of SRP's primary responsibilities to the communities we serve is to provide reliable electric service. The CEP will allow SRP to fulfill this obligation in the face of strong economic growth in SRP's service territory.
  • Reliable Integration of Renewables: SRP has committed to add 2,025 MW of solar energy to its renewable portfolio by 2025. Along with increased solar generation comes more variability in power output, especially during cloudy conditions. The CEP includes quick-starting (10 minutes) and fast-ramping power generation resources that can smooth out these fluctuations and ensure SRP delivers consistent, reliable power.
  • Importance of Location: The CEP location allows SRP to leverage the existing Coolidge Generating Station site and infrastructure while also ensuring a better balance of power generation located in the East Valley with power generation located in the West Valley. This will help to optimize the overall power transfer capability, reliability and flexibility of SRP's transmission system.

Proposed Expansion Site

Existing Coolidge Generating Station