Keeping your pool clean and energy-efficient

If you own a pool, your pool pump can be the second largest electric user in your household. Follow these tips to keep your swimming pool's energy use to a minimum:

  • Install a variable speed pool pump. Have a pool professional calibrate your pool pump to maximize efficiency and save you around 70% a year on pool-related energy costs.
  • Install a timer on your pool pump and run only as long as necessary each day to keep the water clean. In general, run your pool pump eight to 12 hours during the summer. During the winter, only six to eight hours are necessary.
  • Clean strainer baskets and filters regularly to help your pool pump run more efficiently.
  • Keep your pool chemicals properly balanced. Balanced chemicals are more effective for clean water than operating the filter for longer periods.
  • Avoid draining and refilling your pool by using new technologies that can remove excess hard minerals. Reverse osmosis filtration products and services, for example, can help eliminate unwanted minerals without wasting water
  • Use conventional or liquid pool covers to reduce evaporation 40% to 50% and to save energy heating your pool.

More savings

An SRP Time of Day Price Plan can bring additional savings by enabling you to pay less for electricity during off-peak times.

Once on a Time of Day plan, if you install a timer on your pool pump, you can set this equipment to run when energy prices are the lowest.

Please also see our variable speed pool pump savings calculator.