Buy an energy-efficient dishwasher

ENERGY STAR® labeled dishwashers can help save money on energy bills through superior designs that require less energy to get your dishes clean. These dishwashers include more effective washing action, energy efficient motors and other advanced technology such as sensors that determine the length of the wash cycle and the temperature of the water necessary to clean the dishes.

Energy Star

ENERGY STAR qualified models contain internal water heaters that boost the water temperature inside the dishwasher. This allows you to turn down the thermostat on your household water heater to 120 degrees, reducing your water heating costs by up to 10 percent.

Buying tips

There are two dishwasher classifications: compact capacity and standard capacity. Compact models use less energy, but they hold fewer dishes. A compact model may actually result in greater energy use if you have to operate it more frequently.

Choose a dishwasher that provides several different wash cycle selections. If your dishes are only slightly soiled, you can use a "light wash" or "energy-saving" wash cycle and save energy by using less water and operating for a shorter period of time.

Look for a dishwasher that allows you to choose between heat-drying and air-drying. Heat-drying elements draw considerable electricity; circulation fans for air-drying use very little. Keep in mind that ENERGYGUIDE ratings for dishwashers are based on washing 322 loads annually using the normal settings. If you are considering a model with other setting options that you would use most of the time, your energy use could vary substantially.

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