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Choosing solar for your business

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What options are available to my business?

SRP offers many options — solar and beyond — to help your business be leaner and greener. Contact an SRP Strategic Energy Manager or the Business Customer Center at (602) 236-8833 weekdays, 7 a.m. to 5 p.m., for a complimentary energy consultation. We'll help you develop a personalized action plan to meet your energy goals.

Interconnection process costs and timeline

The interconnection timing and process will vary based on project specifics and construction timelines. The following is for general information only.
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Project phase Total AC kW size at site Timeline SRP fees
SRP application review All sizes 5 business days No fee
SRP design review All sizes 5 business days No fee

SRP technical review (inverter-based projects)

1–300 kW AC Included in design review No fee
301–999 kW AC 15 business day engineering review No fee
1 MW+ AC 60 business days

$15,000 deposit*

Customer construction and city clearance All sizes No SRP fee. Your costs and timeline will vary based on your project scope, installation, city requirements, etc.
SRP's final review after receiving city clearance All sizes 5 business days No fee
SRP commissioning All sizes 5 business days No fee

*Actual study costs will apply; any remaining balance will be refunded or collected appropriately. Additional study requirements, costs or service riders may apply to non-inverter projects or generating facilities greater than 300 kW. View the interconnection requirements for details. Project costs and timeline for non-inverter-based projects can be found in our FAQ.

Other financial considerations

Total costs will vary based on factors such as current electric service entrance facility; the size, type and location of your solar power system; power factor impacts Document is a PDF; maintenance requirements; whether you own or lease the system; and more.
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The information below is for general information only. Actual terms will be as agreed upon by you and your system seller, system lessor or lender.

Case Purchase Lease
System ownership You own the system. The leasing company owns the system installed on your property. At the end of the lease term, you may have the option to renew your lease, purchase the system or remove the system as specified in the leasing contract.
Monthly payments You may have monthly payments if the system is financed. You will likely have a monthly lease payment. Many solar leases escalate the payment amount over the term of your lease. Over a long-term lease, this may result in your initial lease payment increasing.
System operation and maintenance You are responsible for system operation and maintenance. However, your contractor may offer this service in your contract as part of the purchase price. Either the leasing company or you may be responsible for various operation and maintenance practices as outlined in the leasing contract.
Selling your property The system is considered part of your property. Under a lease, it is likely that you must either buy out the remaining balance of the lease or transfer the lease to the buyer of your property. Transferring the lease may be contingent on the buyer's credit score and their willingness to accept the transfer. Leasing companies may also require that you get their written consent before you transfer the lease.
State tax credit If applicable, you are eligible for any tax credit benefits as the system owner. The leasing company typically retains all of the tax credit benefits as the system owner.
Federal tax credit If applicable, you are eligible for any tax credit benefits as the system owner. The leasing company typically retains all of the tax credit benefits as the system owner.

Finally, take into account factors that could impact your energy costs, such as low power factor, maximum generation or time of generation.

Frequently asked questions

More information, from solar basics to installation, is available in our FAQ.