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Jan. 3SRP's Annual Northside Canal Dry-up Starts Monday
Portions of the Arizona, Grand and Crosscut canals on the north side of the Salt River will be drained for annual maintenance and construction activities. Many of SRP's northside irrigation customers will not receive water from the canals during the dry-up. The affected areas include Scottsdale, Paradise Valley, Phoenix, Glendale, Peoria and north Tempe.

Dec. 27New Online SRP Heritage Map Helps Uncover Hidden History
Salt River Project recently launched a new online resource called the SRP Heritage Map,to give the community a renewed sense of adventure and discover hidden history throughout the Valley. The map is a resource for history buffs as well as educators and students, but creators hope everyone will use the SRP Heritage Map to learn about their neighborhoods.

Dec. 20SRP Seeks Price Decrease
Salt River Project is opening a public process on Dec. 20 to consider a proposed overall average annual price decrease of 2.2 percent. The $64 million overall decrease in prices proposed by SRP management is a result of a reduction in fuel expenses and a modest increase in base prices.

Dec. 17Commercial and Municipal Customers Sign up for Solar Energy from SRP
As part of its ongoing commitment to provide more options for commercial and municipal customers to achieve their sustainability goals and provide clean, renewable energy, Salt River Project announced that several large customers have signed agreements to get a portion of their energy from the sun.

Dec. 13SRP Seeks Input on Corporate 2035 Sustainability Goals
SRP is among the first utilities in the nation to achieve the significant milestone of developing and implementing comprehensive sustainability goals. SRP is accepting public comments on its SRP 2035 sustainability goals through Feb. 7.

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