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December 13, 2018

SRP Seeks Input on Corporate 2035 Sustainability Goals

Feedback from Customers Sought through Feb. 7, 2019

What: SRP is among the first utilities in the nation to achieve the significant milestone of developing and implementing comprehensive sustainability goals. In October 2017, SRP’s Board of Directors approved SRP 2035, which outlines a new, long-term sustainability framework as part of SRP’s strategy to be leaner, greener and even more customer-centric.

The new initiative expands SRP’s sustainability commitment beyond the current Sustainable Portfolio Principles and establishes challenging and achievable goals through the year 2035. These new goals will allow SRP to address growing customer and stakeholder expectations.

Sustainability goal setting has become standard practice, with hundreds of U.S. cities and major companies — including many SRP business customers — establishing long-term sustainability targets. SRP has a long history of effectively serving the community with sustainability in mind. The 2035 goals deepen SRP’s commitment to meet the challenges of today and tomorrow.

How/When: SRP is accepting public comments on its SRP 2035 sustainability goals through Feb. 7. To view more details and participate in the public commenting process, visit

SRP customers can share thoughts on the strengths, opportunities and aspirations associated with the goals. The SRP Board will consider public comments when it votes to update its SRP 2035 sustainability goals in 2019.

Details: SRP’s 2035 Sustainability Goals contain five pillars:

  • Carbon Emissions Reductions: SRP is striving to decrease carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions (the primary greenhouse gas from power generation) from generation resources, internal operations and through other initiatives.
  • Water Resiliency: Through ongoing water management and conservation efforts and by exploring new water resources, SRP will continue to maintain a safe, reliable and resilient water supply.
  • Supply Chain and Waste Reduction: SRP will continue to manage product choices and purchasing strategies to encourage sustainable best practices. SRP is recognized for its efforts in recycling, reuse and repurposing operational waste materials to keep them out of landfills.
  • Grid Modernization: SRP will continue to ensure the reliability, flexibility and security of its grid through innovative applications, optimizing existing resources and robust monitoring and analytics to enable customers to take advantage of advanced technologies and energy solutions.
  • Customer and Employee Engagement and Community Involvement: SRP is committed to building a sustainable future for all, leading by example and enhancing the communities in which it serves. SRP connects the values of its customers and employees to its business practices each day.