Outdoor safety

SRP Safety Connection™ offers the following tips to help you stay safe outside:

Call 811 before digging

The Arizona Legislature enacted the Excavation Law to make working near underground power lines safer. Please familiarize yourself with the law as it establishes safety standards that can prevent accidents.

If you damage an underground facility while digging, you may be liable to the owner. Calling 811 before digging can help you avoid such damage.

Don't post signs on utility poles

Many utility poles have plastic casings that house high-voltage lines, which carry power to underground lines. Hammering nails or other sharp objects into those casings to post a sign can cause serious injury or even death.

SRP and city of Phoenix crews remove signs when they find them because nails also could injure linemen who may need to climb the poles to make repairs or do maintenance.

Attaching signs to public utility poles is not only dangerous but also illegal in some cities.

Leave space around SRP equipment

We at SRP do everything we can to keep the areas around our equipment clear of debris and vegetation, but we also need your help.

Why it's important to keep our equipment accessible:

  • Vegetation and landscaping around meters and transformers make it more difficult and more dangerous for SRP employees to access equipment.
  • These encroachments prolong outages. With proper clearances, SRP employees can locate equipment, make repairs and restore power quickly.

What you can do:

  • Make sure the right amount of clearance is provided around SRP equipment at your home. That means 12 feet directly in front of the equipment and three feet on the remaining sides.
  • To help prevent rusting, direct sprinklers away from equipment.

Don't retrieve items from power lines

Always call SRP Residential Customer Services at (602) 236-8888 to notify us of an object you see caught in a power line. We will safely remove it.

Never touch power lines — they carry enough voltage to kill a person. To ensure your safety, keep people, equipment and belongings a minimum of 10 feet away from power lines. If items such as balloons, kites, shoes or anything else is caught in a line, neither you nor your children should ever try to retrieve them.

When you have balloons outside, especially Mylar balloons, be sure to:

  • Keep them tethered at all times and attached to a weight.
  • Use regular string or ribbon. Avoid using shiny, Mylar string.
  • Make sure no helium is left inside before disposing of them.

Also, be sure you know what to do if someone comes into contact with an energized power line.

Installing antennas

  • Read the manufacturer's instructions before you begin installing an antenna, and follow the directions carefully. They can warn you of potential installation and removal hazards.
  • Don't install antennas too close to overhead lines. SRP recommends they be installed no closer than twice the length of the assembled antenna.
  • Be careful with rotating antennas. If your antenna can be rotated once it is installed, be sure it can't be twisted into or around nearby power lines.
  • Keep all equipment away from power lines. Covered antennas or non-metallic guy wires may not provide protection against electric shock.

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