Facts about SRP

SRP has delivered on its commitment to provide reliable and affordable water and power to central Arizona for more than a century. By providing these essential resources, SRP has helped the Phoenix metropolitan area develop and thrive.

SRP acts in the best interest of the people we serve and strives to help build a better future for Arizona. In the years ahead, SRP will continue to lead the way by applying our forward-thinking approach and new technology to address water and energy supply challenges.

Financial data FY21

Total operating revenues $3,475,507,000
Total operating expenses $3,045,280,000
Net revenues for the year $577,052,000
Utility plant, gross $17,305,702,000
Electric revenue contributions to support water operations $65,202,000
Taxes & tax equivalents $170,610,000
Debt ratio 44.3
Debt service coverage ratio 4.0
Employees, year-end 4,846

SRP operates on a fiscal year of May 1 through April 30.

Additional fiscal year-end results are available in the 2021 SRP Annual Report and in the 2021 Combined Financial Statements.

When available, year-to-date fiscal year results will be posted in the Quarterly Reports.

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Water data Calendar Year 2020

Water service area 375 square miles
Watershed area 13,000 square miles
Water deliveries 795,160 acre-feet
Storage capacity 2,306,690 acre-feet
Water in storage, fiscal year-end 1,697,624 acre-feet
Runoff 885,624 acre-feet
Water data is by calendar year ending Dec. 31, 2020 unless otherwise noted.

Power data FY21

Electric service area 2,800 square miles
Electric customers, year-end 1,093,264
Peak - SRP retail customers 7,615,000 kW
Total electric sales 41,433 GWh

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