Financial Overview

Delivering Water and Power

For more than a century, SRP has been working to bring reliable, affordable water and power to people in central Arizona. Our operations have helped the Phoenix metropolitan area thrive. Today, we serve millions of customers throughout the nation’s fifth largest city. Learn about the history of SRP.

SRP is committing to acting in the interest of our customers. We’re building a better future for people in the Valley by working to protect Arizona's water supply, provide reliable, sustainable energy and reduce greenhouse gas emissions – all while staying financially healthy. See our FY20 data.

Leadership, Board and Council

SRP is led by officers, executive leaders and board and council members who are committed to meeting the changing water and power needs of our customers in the Valley. Learn more about SRP’s leadership.

Financial Information

Focusing on the future is important for SRP customers and SRP. Explore our annual financial reports, bond ratings and official statements, and more.

Bond Ratings and Official Statements

As of October 1, 2020, the following credit ratings were assigned to SRP:

Moody's* S&P*
Aa1 AA+

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SRP periodically issues electric system revenue bonds. In conjunction with each bond sale, SRP develops and issues an official statement, which sets forth information concerning SRP and its Revenue Bonds.

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