Land Department

SRP's Land Department provides the services listed below. Each is a link to a request form or a page with more information about the service. After you complete and submit one of the online forms, an SRP representative will contact you within 24 hours.

Initial plan review process: Start the process to review if a project/development will impact any SRP facilities or operations.

Easement information: To request information regarding an SRP power or irrigation easement.

Easement abandonments: To request an abandonment of an SRP power or irrigation easement.

Easement encroachment request: To request permission to encroach in an SRP power or irrigation easement for structures including fences, storage sheds, signs.

Leasing and licensing of SRP land: To lease or license SRP land for purposes such as parking, landscaping, commercial uses, agricultural uses.

Sale of SRP land: If parcels become available, this link will be activated and you will be able to access information and view a map of the sale property.

Special event licenses: To request event license for one- or two- day events along the canals, such as the "Duck Race," and civic events.

Exchange of USA land rights: For information on how to obtain an exchange of USA land rights administered by SRP.

Map Request Form : Use this form to request overhead, underground or irrigation facility drawing maps. You will have the opportunity to review and edit all information you enter on this form prior to submitting your request.

Water engineering for construction projects: If you are planning a construction project, there is a good chance that you will encounter an SRP irrigation facility. It is important that you contact SRP Water Engineering to find out if an SRP irrigation facility is near your project, whether it may need to be relocated, and the process involved.

Will Serve letter process: Provides information on available electrical service capacities for proposed development projects within SRP's service territory.

SRP Technical Provisions: General information to consider when planning or performing construction activities near SRP’s power and water facilities.

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