Procurement services we provide

SRP's Procurement Services department provides customer-responsive management for the purchase, receipt, storage and delivery of materials and services for corporate operational and capital program requirements.

It is our intent to ensure that all purchasing transactions provide the greatest economic value while protecting the interests of SRP.

A note about the impacts of global supply chain disruptions on SRP

Supply chain disruptions are nothing new to SRP. In general, utilities, including SRP, are accustomed to dealing with temporary disruptions such as those caused by weather-related events. However, over the past couple of years, the global supply chain has experienced disruption at a mass level previously unseen. The challenges, spurred on by reactions to the COVID-19 pandemic and ongoing geopolitical tensions, have wreaked havoc across the entire supply chain, spanning all industry and business.

SRP is not immune and has felt the impacts, including price increases from inflation and production-related supply shortages as well as extended lead times related to logistics bottlenecks and labor shortages.

SRP's Supply Chain team has taken proactive steps to fulfill SRP's commitment to provide an uninterrupted supply of water and power to our customers. The Supply Chain team works closely with SRP's customer-facing business areas, regularly reviewing scheduled work to ensure SRP has the necessary materials to support our customers and shareholders. Reviews provide opportunities for:

  • Accurate lead time estimating for ordering and receiving materials
  • Adjusting inventory levels to support future business needs
  • Managing supplier relationships to establish preferred customer status and working with key suppliers to develop innovative solutions
  • Targeted strengthening of SRP's supplier base to address gaps and respond to the rapidly changing supply chain landscape
  • Maintaining amicable relationships with other utilities to leverage access to materials

SRP's collaborative approach has resulted in successfully ensuring the continuity of the supplies and services required to meet SRP's business objectives.


New supplier application form links are generated and sent via email directly from SRP Purchasing Agents or other authorized SRP personnel. Please contact to get more information.

Existing suppliers should contact their SRP Purchasing Agent or other authorized SRP personnel with any changes needed.

Electronic funds transfer

SRP prefers to pay our suppliers through electronic funds transfer (EFT). If you wish to enroll in this service, please log in and update your supplier information on SRP's self-service supplier portal .

General information

  • What we purchase: View a comprehensive list of items we buy.
  • Credit information:
  • Supplier diversity (U.S. suppliers only): We encourage new and varied business partnerships and facilitate the fair treatment of suppliers through our corporate practices and policies. Our supplier diversity team provides a central point of contact for diverse suppliers interested in doing business with SRP.
  • Contact us:

    Supplier Diversity
    Darlene Guinty,, (602) 236-8417

    Supply Chain
    Jaren Broadbent,

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