Supplier Diversity's statement of inclusion

At SRP, diversity is woven into our mission of ensuring the vitality of the Salt River Valley. 

Customers and shareholders

We seek to meet the unique needs of our electric customers and water shareholders through continual research, communication and improvement.


We support diversity in the communities we serve through organized volunteer initiatives, financial contributions and educational programs that address underserved needs. We enable our professional resources to serve on boards of directors for diverse organizations to enhance their leadership. 


We foster a culture of integrity, openness and respect among our employees through hiring, training, workplace programs and, most importantly, through the daily actions of the people throughout our organization. 

Supplier relationships 

We encourage new and varied business partnerships and facilitate the fair treatment of suppliers through our corporate practices and policies.   

Our internal environment supports this mission which is why inclusion, integrity, collaboration, stewardship and safety are engrained in the selection process of our suppliers. 

Inclusion is a core value of how we do business, and we look to our suppliers to have the same commitment. Supplier diversity is integrated into our supply chain practices and viewed as a competitive advantage.   

There is tangible return from supplier diversity endeavors and the investment creates a value proposition. 

Supplier Diversity....

  • Seeks creative and innovative diverse businesses for new products and solutions. 
  • Invests in the development of local and diverse firms.
  • Provides resources to support supply chain initiatives. 
  • Contributes to supply chain sustainability.  
  • Drives competition which in turn delivers value.  
  • Introduces our prime contractors to diverse businesses for second-tier opportunities. 
  • Provides sponsorships to ASU’s Small Business Leadership Academy for diverse businesses. 
  • Promotes economic development in the communities we serve. 
  • Engages with new suppliers for a sustainable marketplace in our supply chain. 
  • Provides second-tier spend information for customers. 

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