Our commitment to supplier diversity

Diversity helps make our communities and businesses stronger.

This simple truth is why SRP is committed to supporting a broad coalition of diverse business partners. By engaging with woman-, minority- and veteran-owned businesses, as well as LGBTQ and small local businesses, we foster economic empowerment and provide a sustainable Supply Chain marketplace to purchase goods and services.

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Our mission

SRP’s supplier diversity mission is to promote a composition of corporate spending reflective of the communities we serve by utilizing diverse businesses, including: 

  • Small local businesses 
  • Minority-owned businesses
  • Woman business enterprises 
  • Veteran and service-disabled veteran enterprises
  • LGBTQ and other underserved businesses

Our vision

Key personnel, including executives, senior management, business segment management and purchasing agents, are educated about, understand and support the importance and benefits of supplier diversity at SRP and are accountable for its success.

Learn more about SRP's Supplier Diversity team:

Calculate your business’s second tier spend

SRP captures second tier spend data through the reporting of our suppliers. They identify the small, local and diverse suppliers they spend money with and provide that information to us based on the amount we spend with them. 

As an added value benefit to our customers, SRP supplies a second tier spend formula to help them meet growing requirements to incorporate diversity and inclusion efforts across their businesses. 

2021 second tier spend formula:

.0057 x #kWh on your SRP bill = 2nd tier spend with SRP 

Second tier spend example:

Company A uses 6,025 kWh per month. Based on the second tier spend formula, Company A could claim $34.34 per month as their second tier spend through SRP. 

$.0057 x 6,025 kWh = $34.3425 

Contact us

For more information on how you can bid on SRP materials and services requirements, contact Darlene Guinty, Supplier Diversity, at (602) 236-8417 or supplierdiversity@srpnet.com.

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