SRP Speakers Bureau

The SRP Speakers Bureau offers a variety of presentations to groups and community organizations. Our speakers are SRP employees who volunteer their time to help educate the community about safety, energy use, the environment and other topics by request. All presentations are given free of charge.

If you are an educator, we provide several resources for the classroom. Presentations given by the speakers bureau are for an adult audience.

Requests will be responded to within four business days.

Presentation Topics

SRP resources and stewardship for a sustainable future: Founded on the principles of resource stewardship, SRP strives to preserve the balance between serving growing customer needs, managing costs and protecting natural resources. This presentation will highlight SRP's portfolio of generation resources that include more energy-efficiency technologies as well as renewable and sustainable resources.

Water in the Desert: Water is probably one of the most misunderstood of all our precious resources. In this program, we help the audience understand water use and conservation issues related to desert living. Our goal is to teach the community what it can do to conserve water and keep it clean. A video and handout materials are included.

Living Wisely in the Desert: This presentation provides the audience ways they can save on energy and water through customer price plans, offers, rebates and low-cost, no-cost ways. There will be material available to support the topics in the presentation and to assist you on ways to better manage your monthly bill. Content and length of presentation may be tailored depending on the audience.

History of SRP: Layered. Connected. Unique. SRP is the oldest multipurpose federal reclamation project in the United States. We have been serving central Arizona since 1903, nearly 10 years before Arizona became the 48th state. This presentation provides the audience with an understanding of SRP as integrated utility, delivering about 1 million acre-feet of water annually and providing generation, transmission and distribution services.

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