Touchdowns for Teachers

When the Cardinals score, teachers win big.

Congratulations to our winners!

Winners are contacted weekly by phone and email. Read the official rules.

Week 1 winners

  • Vicky Y. from Webster Elementary School
  • Connie G. from Barbara Bush Elementary School
  • Blanca G. from Morris K. Udall Middle School
  • Linda T. from Kyrene Monte Vista Elementary School

Week 2 winners

  • Kimberly R. from Western Valley Elementary School
  • Heather H. from Ishikawa Elementary School

Week 3 winners

  • Wendy P. from Coronado High School
  • Meghan B. from Chandler Traditional Academy Freedom Campus
  • Adriana T. from Kyrene de los Ninos Elementary School
  • Anna M. from Skyline High School

Week 4 winners

  • Marie C. from Basha Elementary School
  • Cori I. from William C. Jack Elementary School

Week 5 winners

  • Wendy D. from Riggs Elementary School
  • Cristy W. from Ryan Elementary School
  • Danielle S. from Linda Abril Educational Academy
  • Jenni G. from Edison Elementary School

Week 6 winners

  • John E. from Fountain Hills Middle School
  • Kelly M. from Navarette Elementary School
  • Mia D. from Las Sendas Elementary School
  • Rachel F. from Gilbert High School
  • Kelley R.M. from Whittier Elementary School
  • Evangelina S. from James W. Rice Elementary School
  • Brian P. from R.E. Simpson School
  • Irene V. from Desert Ridge Junior High School

Week 7 winners

  • Jennifer M. from Copper Trails Elementary School
  • Alyssa G. from Alhambra High School
  • Katelyn T. from Queen Creek Middle School
  • Adrian J.V. from from Compadre Academy
  • Isiah D. from Madrid Neighborhood School
  • Lezlie S. from Manzanita Elementary School

Week 8: N/A

Week 9 winners

  • Jenna M. from Orangewood Elementary School
  • Shelli R. from Gateway Polytechnic Academy
  • Christy P. from Copper Canyon High School
  • Michelle L. from Kyrene Akimel-Al Middle School
  • Morling V. from Sunset Vista Elementary School
  • Rebecca M. from Esperanza Elementary School

Week 10 winners

  • Alena A. from Kyrene de las Brisas Elementary School
  • Lynor P. from Sirrine Elementary School
  • Terry R. from Mountain Pointe High School
  • Victoria F. from Dobson High School
  • Joseph B. from Cooley Middle School
  • Astrid T. from Country Place Leadership Academy

Week 11 winners

  • Alice G. from Whittier Elementary School
  • Sabrina N. from Macarthur Elementary School
  • Carlie R. from Chandler Traditional Academy Liberty Campus
  • Rachel H. from Falcon Hill Elementary School
  • Jaclyn J. from Ishikawa Elementary School
  • Emily Z. from Field Elementary School

Week 12: N/A

Week 13 winners

  • Nicole B. from Westwood Elementary School
  • Sonja H. from Sunburst Elementary School

Week 14 winners

  • Jessica C. from Harris Elementary School
  • Michael M. from Alhambra High School
  • Megan G. from Towne Meadows Elementary School
  • Eric F. from Orangewood Elementary School

Week 15 winners

  • Allan F. from Arete Prep Academy
  • Tori K. from Field Elementary School
  • Raymond P. from Gilbert Classical Academy
  • Melissa M. from Peralta Trail Elementary School
  • Jessica M. from Poston Junior High School
  • Jed W. from Red Mountain High School
  • Kate L. from ALA Signal Butte Academy
  • Valerie W. from Kino Junior High School
  • Brittany T. from San Tan Elementary School
  • Traci T. from Greenfield Elementary School

Week 16 winners

  • Melissa G. from Centennial High School
  • Jacqueline B. from Granada West Elementary School
  • Helen C. from Eagleridge Enrichment Program
  • Rhonda B. from Andersen Jr. High School
  • Jessica S. from Vista del Sur Accelerated Academy
  • Chieu T. from Catalina Ventura School

Week 17 winners

  • Daysha C. from Imagine East Mesa
  • Jennifer G. P. from Sequoia Elementary School
  • Doreen P. from Auxier Elementary School
  • Amanda H. from Spectrum Elementary School
  • Lisa S. from Carmanati Elementary School
  • Gabriela dJ. from Valley View Leadership Academy

Bonus winners

  • Julianne S. from Cordova Elementary School
  • Samantha C. from Brinton Elementary School
  • Amanda K. from Mesa Public School
  • Lonnie S. from PT Coe Elementary School


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