History and Social Science grants by SRP 2020-21 recipients

This year, 16 schools were selected through evaluators and the committee to receive an SRP History and Social Science grant. SRP will fund the following projects for a total of $32,527.

Elementary schools (10)

  • Bridges Elementary School (Gilbert) – $2,070
    Project: Ready, Set, Record! The World of Podcasts
    From book reviews to storytelling podcasts, 5th grade students will create their own podcasts about various historical topics which will include hosting audio tours, conducting classroom debates, sharing a current events newscast, publish presentations, and develop storytelling skills. Students will have the opportunity to develop their own sense of voice—from researching to launching the podcast, students will be practicing public speaking skills, interviewing skills, and communication skills. Funds will support the purchase of microphones, headphones, cameras, and two computers with podcasting software.
  • Cambridge Academy East (Mesa) – $2,500
    Project: Community Garden
    This project will utilize two existing garden plots, as well as construct a greenhouse to plant, tend, harvest and donate fresh vegetables local community food banks. Students in the 4th-6th grade social studies classes will document the progress through a classroom blog. The goals of this project will be three-fold: to provide a platform for civic engagement, connect community engagement and technology, and to become aware of economic principles such as supply, scarcity, and distribution, including food deserts. Grant funds will be utilized to purchase greenhouse materials and hands-on gardening supplies.
  • Elite Performance Academy Humphrey Campus(Phoenix) – $600
    Project: Atlas System and Activities
    Funding will be used to purchase Atlases with incorporated activities so that students in the 7-8th grades will to have an opportunity to experience the interrelated discipline of Geography. Student activities will include the study of all areas and continents in the world according to their location, placement, region, human environment and movement. The goal is for students to familiarize themselves with the world around them.
  • Gilbert Elementary School (Gilbert) – $267
    Project: Where In The World Am I? ¿Dónde estoy?
    "Where In The World Am I? ¿Dónde estoy? Project" is designed to provide 5-6th grade students the opportunity to develop spatial thinking with maps. Spatial thinking is a unique way of thinking about the distance, direction, relationships, movement, and change in space. Grant funding will be used to purchase giant US and World laminated maps will be used by students to map out paths of travel. Ozobots will be coded to follow a path that students create to travel. Ozobots are coded by students in various ways. Students apply coding skills using classroom Chromebooks.
  • Jefferson Elementary School (Mesa) – $2,500
    Project: Third Grade Arizona Studies
    Third grade students at Jefferson Elementary, will learn about Arizona geography, history, economics, and civics through a year-long intensive hands on project-based curriculum. Grant funds would be used to purchase hands-on manipulatives, technology, and reading resources to instruct ESL students. All third-grade students would have a solid understanding of Arizona and will be prepared for their fourth-grade social studies courses. Parents involved in our Family Literacy Program would also be positively impacted through the reading resources and many visual materials as they come into the third-grade classrooms daily to learn alongside their student.
  • Manuel Pena Elementary School (Phoenix) – $1,000
    Project: Current and Past Events Extravaganza
    Grant funding will be used so that fifth grade students will receive a year's subscription to Time for Kids magazine and a variety of historical fiction and nonfiction books. Funding for these materials will provide needed exposure and education to past and current events providing students with information and materials and an opportunity to become well-rounded and knowledgeable individuals.
  • Mesa Academy for Advanced Studies (Mesa) – $2422.00
    Project: The French Revolution in Literature and Roll of Thunder
    The new standards for 7th grade Social Studies are oriented toward a world history and grant funding will be used to purchase a classroom set of the young adult novel The Red Necklace: A Story of the French Revolution. The events of the novel touch on many relevant topics, such as social injustice and popular revolution which will be discussed in both Social Studies and Language Arts classes. Funding will also provide eighth grade students a class set of Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry so that they may explore and better understand the post-slavery era plights in America before the Civil Rights Movement.
  • Nicholas Bird Elementary School l (Florence) – $2,500
    Project: It's a Big World Out There!
    Grant funds will be utilized to purchase globes and write and wipe maps for classes to check out when they are learning specific geography concepts. Each student will be able to have a map on his/her desk while the teacher will have a large map for illustration of concepts. Mapping centers will so be purchased for teachers to use during small group instruction as well as informational text for teachers to use while reading out loud to their classes.
  • Patterson Elementary School (Gilbert) – $2,300
    Project: Learning History, Economics, Geography and Civic Life through Film Making
    Funding will be used to purchase equipment so that Students can create public service announcements, news shows, "how to" videos, "snap shots" in history, state/country reports and mini documentaries providing students with learning experiences that promote collaboration and choice. Students will learn to problem solve, think critically and creatively in a real world context. Fifth and sixth grade students will research multiple sources, summarize/argue/explain content, write scripts, and present a final product using media in a highly engaging way to understand, reflect, and review social studies content.
  • Sun Valley Academy (Phoenix) – $2,500
    Project: Sixth Grade Social Science Text Books
    Social Science textbooks that align with the new Arizona State Standards will be purchased with funding from the grant for the sixth grade class.

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Junior high schools (4)

  • Desert Ridge Junior High School (Mesa) – $2,500
    Project: Virtual Reality Field Trips
    The grant will fund virtual reality expedition kits which will be used initially for a geography unit during the 2020 school year to collect extensive data of countries around the world for student project assessment. Students will be researching various countries of their choice in groups of three with the use of virtual reality. The VR technology will also be utilized with the United Nations (UN) Simulation to help with data collection of UN issues and assist with solutions to our global problems. VR technology also lends itself to planning cross-curricular units with science and math.
  • Fremont Junior High School (Mesa) – $2,500
    Project: Chromebooks for Social Studies
    The new state mandated social studies standards rigorous and emphasize the development of critical thinking skills through inquiry based lessons and units. To meet these standards and develop critical thinking skills as well as essential college and career skills for students, grant funding will be used to purchase additional Chromebooks allowing seventh and eighth students access to an endless amount of primary source documents, online lessons, and necessary tools to create a variety of products to demonstrate their knowledge
  • Kino Junior High School (Mesa) – $2,500
    Project: New Historicism Approach to ELA
    Eighth grade students will critically analyze historical fiction in order to grasp the importance of historical events and time periods throughout history. Once students have engaged in meaningful reading and learning about a historical event, they are able to segue into more complex primary and secondary sources to continue learning the facts and details of those events. Grant funding will be used to provide class sets of six different novels relating to slavery, Japanese incarceration, the war in Afghanistan, and the Holocaust.
  • Shepherd Junior High School (Mesa) – $2368.00
    Project: Literacy Instruction into A Middle School Social Studies Classroom
    Educators will design student project-based learning and inquiry curriculum for seventh and eighth grade students using historical fiction literature to solve real world problems. Grant funds will be used to purchase classroom sets of historical fiction novels for students to add value and improve literacy engagement within the new Arizona state social sciences standards. Through the use of this literature, students will develop a greater depth of knowledge about the importance of historical events in order to deepen their understanding of historical happenings during the American Revolution, and World Wars I and II. In addition to teaching the critical content, disciplinary skills and processes will be reinforced such as chronological reasoning, identifying multiple perspectives, interpreting and using evidence to support conclusions, and analyzing cause and effect relationships in both fiction and nonfiction literature.

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High schools (2)

  • Mountain View High School (Mesa) – $2,500
    Project: Academy of Government and History
    The Academy of Government is designed to provide students with an advanced history and civic education as well as additional opportunities such as guest speakers, a field trip, and civic engagement projects. The ongoing project extends the learning outside of the classroom and promotes active civic engagement designed to create students who will be effective participants in their communities. Funding will provide civic engagement opportunities such as mock elections, guest speakers who have firsthand experience with major events in American History, and the ability to participate in the Political History and Leadership program at ASU.
  • Tempe Union High School District (Tempe) – $2,500
    Project: A Whisper to a Roar
    Grant funding will be used to purchase copies of the video series "A Whisper to a Roar" from Standard Program on International and Cross-Cultural Education (SPICE) for all of the World History teachers in the Tempe Union High School District to have available for use in the classroom. This video will be the base for a culminating project in the course about the role of power to shape history. The essential question is "Can power be shared? How do we coexist in the modern world?" The unit compelling question is "What have been the challenges and successes of sharing power globally?" This video will allow students to examine these two questions by analyzing how individuals and groups have struggled to make change and share power today. The goal of the project is to have students create their own inquiry question, conduct research, gather sources, and present their findings.

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