History and Social Science grants by SRP 2019-20 recipients

This year, 11 schools were selected through evaluators and the committee to receive an SRP History and Social Science grant. SRP will fund the following projects for a total of $27,500.

Elementary schools (9)

  • Circle Cross Ranch K-8 (Florence) – $2,500
    Project: Hands-on Social Studies is so Much More Fun
    Educators will create Project-Based Learning (PBL) curriculum to incorporate the new History and Social Science Standards. Students in K-8th grades will utilize literature to help them solve real-world problems in their PBL’s time period or historical event. Funds from the grant will be utilized to purchase globes, world maps, and fiction and nonfiction books.
  • Hopi Elementary School (Phoenix) – $2,500
    Project: Meeting the New Arizona Fourth Grade Social Studies Standards
    Fourth grade students will learn geography and history concepts utilizing hands–on manipulatives like write–on map, globes and write–on student atlases as well as integrated history lessons to learn about the Americas from “Pre–Contact Americas to European Settlements.”
  • Nevitt Elementary School (Phoenix) – $2,500
    Project: Exploring Our Roots
    Students in 3rd–4th grade will explore their community roots and sense of place through oral histories and reading secondary source materials. Funding will be utilized to purchase recording equipment and several sets of class books.
  • Our Lady of Mount Carmel (Tempe) – $2,500
    Project: The Great American Road Trip
    Students in K–8th grades will gain a better understanding of US Geography by exploring places, landscapes, environments, people and how they have interacted and affected each other over time. Grant funds will be used to purchase class supplies of maps, globes and supplies to create a diorama of their region culminating in a community night to share student understanding of geography.
  • Playa del Rey Elementary School (Gilbert) – $2,500
    Project: Exploring Our World Though Geography in the Library
    Funds will be used to create a Social Studies Resource Lab with hands–on manipulative and interactive resources for grades K–6th to enhance the classroom social studies program.
  • Shumway Leadership Academy (Chandler) – $2,500
    Project: Library Leaders of the Future
    Grant funding will provide nonfiction books for the school Media Center for use by students in K–6th grades. Curriculum will be created to meet the new History and Social Science Standards. The Media Center will also host school and community events highlighting student projects created from using the books as additional resources.
  • Signal Butte Elementary School (Gilbert) – $2,500
    Project: Discovering Our World through Hands–On Learning
    Students in K–5th grades will learn geography through hands–on manipulatives utilizing maps, globes and literature. Funding will allow for the manipulatives to reinforce social studies skills in the classroom. These resources will provide educators and students with engaging ways to explore social studies at community, national at global levels.
  • Solano Elementary School (Phoenix) – $2,500
    Project: Global Collaborators and Change Makers
    Grant funds will be utilized to purchase software which will allow 6th grade students the opportunity to collaborate globally with students in different countries through an online pen pal project giving them primary source material to enhance the learning of social studies.
  • Weinberg Elementary School (Gilbert) – $2,500
    Project: Arizona on Parade
    Third grade students will explore Arizona in their classrooms by using hands–on manipulatives to learn about geology and ancient inhabitants to Arizona government and economy. Grant funds will be used to purchase hands–on manipulatives culminating with an I–Movie and student presentations to the community.

High schools (2)

  • Academy with Community Partners (Mesa) – $2,500
    Project: Freedom Writers – Voices of History
    High school students will conduct oral history interviews through a partnership with the East Valley Holocaust Survivor Association. Grant funding will be utilized to purchase equipment for recording and transcribing the interviews. The project will culminate with a public program with students presenting their interviews and research.
  • Mountain View High School (Mesa) – $2,500
    Project: The Academy of Government and History
    The goal of the Academy is to provide students with a deeper experience in social studies by providing opportunities to enhance their civil engagement with a greater understanding of how they can positively impact their community through active political and service participation. Grant funds will be utilized to fund projects through a partnership with ASU so that students may interact historians, government officials, nonprofit agencies and other social science related individuals. Senior students will complete a Senior Capstone project fulfilling all requirements for a special seal on their graduation diploma.  

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