Strategic Energy Managers

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What's an SEM?

At SRP, we understand that utility costs can be a big expense and we're committed to helping your business succeed. That's why we partner each of our business customers with a dedicated Strategic Energy Manager (SEM). Your SEM is your point of contact for all SRP-related energy needs, and they can help you explore options to conserve energy and save on your bill.

You can find your SEM's name and phone number at the top of your bill.

Your Strategic Energy Manager is here to:

  • Be a strategic partner by having a good understanding of your business and provide insight into beneficial products and services.
  • Act as an advocate for you, ensuring that your business needs are addressed when SRP makes important decisions that could impact you.
  • Provide insight and recommendations regarding pricing, products and programs to help increase savings and efficiencies.

Make facility upgrades for less

If you're looking for ways to save energy, money and be more sustainable, you're not alone. SRP has helped thousands of businesses improve the efficiency of their facilities. Your business can qualify for up to $300,000 in combined SRP energy efficiency and electrification SRP rebates. Contact your energy manager to get started.

Choose from flexible price plans

SRP offers a variety of price plans, so you can choose one that meets your budget and energy needs – and help your business save money. Trying to find the right price plan for your business? Your energy manager can help.

Easily manage your SRP account

With SRP My Account, it's easy to manage your account online. You can monitor your energy use, pay your bill, compare price plans and more. Sign up now.

Other services to support your business

Your SEM can also help with:

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