Smart thermostat users, earn up to $100

Bring your own thermostat (BYOT) and get paid.

The BYOT program helps SRP reduce peak demand and aids in maintaining grid reliability through conservation events. During a conservation event, your smart thermostat(s) will automatically turn the temperature up a few degrees when the strain on our electric grid is at its highest. This typically occurs on hot summer afternoons but may be due to other circumstances as well.

For participating, you'll receive a $50 SRP bill credit per thermostat (up to $100 if you have more than one eligible thermostat). After each subsequent year, you'll earn an additional $25 bill credit (per eligible thermostat) for continuing in the program, which will be paid at the end of the summer cooling season.

How to join

All smart thermostat brands:

  1. See if your thermostat is eligible.
  2. Sign into your thermostat's account.
  3. Make sure your thermostat is connected to Wi-Fi.
  4. Complete the signup form . If eligible, your bill credit will be added to your SRP account within two billing cycles.

What you can expect

  • Prior to a conservation event, you will be notified of the event's timing and duration. Enable push notifications, if available, in your thermostat's app settings, so you don't miss out on communications.
  • A symbol or message may appear on your thermostat during an event.
  • Depending on conditions, SRP may precool your home prior to a conservation event to help balance comfort and energy. Additional energy consumed during precooling will be offset by energy not consumed during the conservation event.


  • At the start of an event, your thermostat will be automatically adjusted up to 4 degrees above the current temperature.
  • The adjustment will typically last no more than 3 hours and will occur between 12 pm and 9 pm. Adjustments will not occur on holidays.
  • Once the adjustment event is over, your thermostat will return to its normal set point and/or schedule.
  • In some cases, your thermostat might be adjusted down 2 degrees prior to an adjustment event to pre-cool your home.
  • You can opt out of an event at any time from your mobile device, web browser, or thermostat. For the majority of devices, when you opt out of the pre-cool, you are also opting out of the conservation event. If you own an ecobee device, you must also opt out of the conservation event.


  • You must be an SRP residential customer.
  • Your cooling system and connected thermostat must be at the location of your SRP residential account.
  • Your Wi-Fi connection and thermostat(s) have to be connected to your thermostat's account.
  • You must have an account with your thermostat's manufacturer to enroll in SRP's program. If you do not have one, you will need to establish one prior to enrollment.
  • You will need to provide your SRP account number to complete the application.
  • For additional program information, call (602) 236-2951. We are available Mon.-Fri. from
    7 a.m. - 7 p.m.

Current participants

For questions, review our FAQ page or call (602) 236-2951. We are available Mon.-Fri. from
7 a.m. - 7 p.m.

Looking to make a smart thermostat purchase?

A smart thermostat can help you use less energy and live comfortably in your home while staying in control of your energy usage. Visit the SRP Marketplace for special discounts on smart thermostats and other devices to help you save.

Benefits of upgrading to a smart thermostat:

  • Control temperatures and schedules on the go with a mobile app.
  • Some offer self-learning capabilities that monitor and adjust comfort settings based on your feedback.
  • Some devices detect when you have left home, automatically switching into "away" mode to save energy.

How to install a smart thermostat

SRP reserves the right to change or cancel this promotion and its terms and conditions at any time.