Buy a new SRP ENERGY STAR® home

Looking to save up to $700* per year on your energy bill?

Buy an SRP ENERGY STAR Home from one of many Phoenix-area homebuilders. Homes that earn the SRP ENERGY STAR label use 25% to 50% less energy and 20% less water than typical new homes built to meet today's codes. They save even more when compared with most resale homes on the market and ensure a better resale value when it comes time to sell.

What is an ENERGY STAR Home?

ENERGY STAR is a nationally recognized symbol for energy efficiency, backed by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The ENERGY STAR label means that your new home has been designed, built and inspected to standards well above most other homes on the market today – giving you comfort and savings under one roof. From the moment you walk into your new ENERGY STAR-certified home, you'll see, feel and hear the difference. Learn more about the unique features of an ENERGY STAR Home below.

What makes an ENERGY STAR home different?

Comprehensive air sealing, properly installed insulation and high-performance windows work together in an SRP ENERGY STAR Home to deliver better comfort, better durability and lower monthly bills.

Our builder partners must meet a long list of rigorous requirements to ensure that:

  • Your new home is tightly sealed to reduce leaks and drafts.
  • Wall and roof framing is insulated from the elements to minimize heat and cold transfer.
  • Correct insulation levels are selected to provide whole-house comfort.
  • Insulation is installed properly to deliver the best performance.
  • High-performance windows are selected to keep heat gain under control.

Learn more about thermal enclosure from ENERGY STAR .

The ENERGY STAR Homes program offers a comprehensive package of water management practices and materials that help protect your home from water damage and reduce the risk of indoor air-quality problems. This helps ensure that:

  • Water is directed off the roof, down the walls and away from the foundation.
  • Your home is built with moisture-resistant barriers to prevent water damage.
  • Building materials are protected during construction to minimize the possibility of mold and rotting.

See ENERGY STAR's fact sheet on water management .

SRP ENERGY STAR Homes come equipped with heating, ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC) systems that are designed, installed and tested to optimize performance, lower utility bills, keep you more comfortable, provide better moisture control and ensure that:

  • Heating and cooling equipment and associated ductwork are sized and installed correctly.
  • Air conditioners and heat pumps exceed the national standard, with a minimum SEER, or seasonal energy efficiency ratio, of 14.
  • Ducts are properly sealed to reduce air leakage, comfort problems and expenses.
  • A whole-house mechanical ventilation system is provided to draw in filtered outside air and flush out indoor air pollutants.

See the ENERGY STAR fact sheet on heating and cooling .

Learn how to optimize your AC File is a PDF for even more efficiency.

In the desert, water is one of our most precious resources, which is why SRP ENERGY STAR Homes are required to meet water-efficiency standards. This reduces household water consumption by roughly 4,000 gallons or more per year.

Bathroom fixtures, for example, must have the WaterSense® label or equivalent water-use ratings. Products with the WaterSense label:

  • Perform as well or better than their less efficient counterparts.
  • Achieve water efficiency through several technology features.
  • Are 20% more water efficient than average products in that category.

To learn more, visit the EPA's WaterSense website .

During construction, our SRP ENERGY STAR Homes builder partners select efficient lighting and appliances to create a complete energy-efficient package that delivers better performance, provides better quality and helps you save on your energy bill. Specifically:

  • ENERGY STAR labeled bulbs and fixtures are tested to meet strict energy-efficiency and quality guidelines and come with at least a two-year warranty.
  • ENERGY STAR labeled appliances use advanced technologies to minimize energy and water use.

See the ENERGY STAR fact sheet on lighting and appliances .

SRP ENERGY STAR Homes are independently inspected, tested and certified by the Residential Energy Services Network (RESNET). RESNET inspectors work with our builder partners throughout the construction process to ensure that:

  • Your new home has the appropriate energy-efficient features for your climate region.
  • Critical construction details are verified at different building stages.
  • The key systems in your new home are working properly to deliver better efficiency, durability and comfort.

Get the facts on testing and inspection of ENERGY STAR Homes .

The SRP ENERGY STAR Homes program offers some communities that our builder partners are building EV-ready homes, which allows safe access to a dedicated power supply for charging at a level 2 station. If you don't already own an EV, having an EV-ready home makes purchasing one an easier decision because you already have a place to safely install a charger. You'll also be saving time and money:

  • Installing a 240V outlet post-construction can be a large expense, as it may require trenching and new conduit to run wiring or upgrades to the electrical service panel.
  • Don’t have to waste time going to the gas station to fill up anymore. Your car charges at night while you sleep and will be ready to go in the morning.

See the list of EV-ready homes on our SRP ENERGY STAR home builder map.

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