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Save $100 on a Home Energy Audit

SRP's Home Energy Audit program helps you better understand how you use energy, while pinpointing needed efficiency improvements. A qualified, participating contractor will complete a comprehensive inspection of your home, and perform diagnostic testing, to make sound recommendations that help save energy and money.

Audit rebate

A comprehensive, diagnostic evaluation of your home can help uncover hidden issues that may be leading to efficiency losses, indoor air quality concerns, and poor cooling performance. After completing an initial interview to learn more about your energy behaviors and habits, the contractor will perform a full home assessment by reviewing your home's:

  • Insulation effectiveness
  • Heating, ventilation and air-conditioning performance
  • Air-duct leakage and restrictions
  • Construction integrity issues
  • Ceiling and other "hot spot" areas

After completing an in-depth inspection, the contractor will provide upgrade recommendations and break down potential savings. If improvements are made, your contractor can perform the work and ensure you receive available SRP rebates to help offset costs.

Rebate offer: $100 off the audit cost, when conducted by a participating contractor. The rebate will be applied as an instant discount on the contractor’s invoice.

Eligibility requirements:

  • Be a current SRP residential electric customer (new construction does not qualify) who resides in a single-family detached, single-family attached home or apartment/condo. Mobile homes are not eligible.
  • Your Energy Audit must be performed by a participating BPI-certified professional who is licensed in Arizona and listed on the SRP list of available contractors in the Audit program.

All audit processes and reports must meet BPI building analyst standards and EPA’s Home Performance with ENERGY STAR® guidelines.

More information

SRP reserves the right to change or cancel this promotion and its terms and conditions at any time.