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Eligible desert-adapted shade trees

These are the types of desert-adapted shade trees eligible for the SRP Shade Tree Program.

free native mesquite shade tree from SRP

Native Mesquite

This extremely tough tree is tolerant of drought, full sun, and reflected heat. Its dense canopy of ferny green foliage provides welcome shade in the summer months. It does have small, sharp thorns so be cautious about site selection.

free palo verde shade tree from SRP

Palo Verde

This tree usually grows to a height of 30 feet. It blooms in the spring with profuse clusters of golden-yellow blossoms. It does have small, sharp thorns so be cautious about site selection.

free Thornless Palo Verde shade tree from SRP

Thornless Palo Verde

This tree grows to a height of 25 feet and is a hybrid of several different Palo Verde trees. It has small, bright green, compound leaves and smooth lime green bark. Masses of large, bright yellow flowers are produced from March though May, with sporadic flowering during the summer months.

free Thornless Mesquite shade tree from SRP

Thornless Mesquite

This tree has a reliable root system that anchors the tree even in strong winds. It will reach a mature size of 30 feet tall and wide.

free desert willow shade tree from SRP

Desert Willow

Long, narrow bright green leaves give the tree a willowy appearance. The large orchid-like flowers provide warm season color, which attract hummingbirds and bees. The fragrant flowers range from white to dark pink.

free willow acacia shade tree from SRP

Willow Acacia

This evergreen Australian native has narrow green leaves and a weeping growth habit, making it ideal for use around water features or in oasis zones.

The trees will be approximately 4- to 6-foot saplings. You simply need to attend an SRP workshop about how to best select, plant and care for your trees.