Emissions reduction

SRP takes common sense steps to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. From planting trees to investing in renewable energy, SRP pursues emissions reduction strategies while providing additional benefits to our customers and community. SRP also participates in policy discussions and technology research to help address the issue of global climate change.

Clean energy solutions

SRP has developed a diverse portfolio of energy sources, including many sources with low or no greenhouse gas emissions.

SRP's legacy includes hydropower, a zero-emissions energy source that continues to be an important energy source for SRP customers today. Also, we generate and purchase zero-emissions electricity from solar, wind, nuclear, and geothermal sources.

Currently, 30% of SRP's retail energy sales are met with non-emitting sources and SRP's Board has voted to steadily increase the amount of sustainable resources through 2020.

SRP also helps customers reduce their greenhouse gas emissions.

Research initiatives

SRP supports an array of research activities targeted at reducing greenhouse gas emissions. We have several partnerships with Arizona State University that emphasize the study of clean energy technologies, including solar energy and fuel cells. SRP also works with the Electric Power Research Institute and the Department of Energy on research initiatives.

SRP is a partner in the West Coast Regional Carbon Sequestration Partnership (WESTCARB), which explores the best regional opportunities to remove CO2. WESTCARB studies geologic sequestration and enhanced natural process for capturing CO2.