SRP Solar Choice™

SRP customers now have a new solar option: SRP Solar Choice.

With SRP Solar Choice, you’ll pay just half a cent per kWh (that’s 50% less than EarthWise Energy) on top of your current price plan. Best of all, you can continue to support solar energy in Arizona by offsetting half or all of your electric use with clean, renewable solar energy. 

How it works:

  1. Log in to My Account or call (602) 236-8888 to enroll.
  2. Choose to offset half or all of your energy use with Solar Choice.
  3. Pay half a cent more per kWh for your energy each month. Your contribution will support continued solar energy growth in Arizona.

If you have questions, please see the FAQ below or call (602) 236-8888. We're here to help.

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SRP Solar Choice Frequently Asked Questions

Click on each question below to reveal its answer.

SRP Solar Choice is a program in which SRP purchases solar energy from Arizona solar farms to offset our customers’ energy use. This approach is called “utility-scale” solar. Unlike rooftop solar, it allows SRP to make bigger solar investments that benefit more of our customers. It also supports more solar development and cleaner energy in Arizona. SRP Solar Choice replaces our legacy EarthWise EnergyTM and Community Solar programs.

With SRP Solar Choice, you’ll pay just half a cent per kWh on top of your current price plan. (That’s an increase of 2%–4% based on the option you choose.) For example, if you used 1,500 kWh in a given month and had chosen to offset 100% of your energy use, your SRP Solar Choice premium would be $7.50. If you had chosen to offset 50% of your energy use, your premium would be $3.75.  

No. SRP Solar Choice allows you to support solar without having to install a system or own your own home or business space.

SRP Solar Choice allows you to support solar without having to install a system, or own your own home or business space. Instead, SRP takes on the cost of owning or leasing solar panels, then we sell the energy to our participating customers. This approach is called “utility-scale” solar. It’s a more efficient way to provide more renewable, clean energy to Arizona.

SRP Solar Choice is half the cost of our previous renewable energy program, EarthWise Energy. This is a step forward for SRP because Solar Choice supports solar energy on a larger scale.

With SRP Solar Choice, you will no longer be purchasing energy from Copper Crossing at a fixed price and simulating a rooftop solar purchase. Instead you will see a half a cent per kWh increase on your electric bill, regardless of the price plan you choose. SRP Solar Choice works with all residential price plans, except M-Power (E24). The half cent per kWh charge is a flat rate offsetting 50% or 100% of your energy usage, making your purchase of renewable solar energy more predictable. Also, if you were on a Time-of-Use plan with Community Solar, you no longer need to shift your behavior to utilize the solar production when it was being produced at the plant.  

Community Solar was developed as a pilot program in the early days of utility-scale solar in 2011. All of the participating customers were purchasing output from one solar plant. The pricing of the program could be confusing, and it was not always easy to tell how the purchase affected one’s bill. SRP Solar Choice allows SRP to purchase solar from multiple plants across Arizona.  

SRP Solar Choice energy is intended to offset the energy used at a customer’s home or business. The actual electricity (electrons) delivered to your home or business is a blend of the resources on the grid.

Your contribution will allow you to offset your household or business energy use with clean energy. It will also help grow demand for renewable energy while making a difference in the environment today.

SRP Solar Choice offers a simple and affordable way for our customers to support the advancement of solar energy in Arizona. It will also help SRP achieve key goals, like reducing our carbon footprint, giving our customers more renewable energy choices, keeping costs low and maintaining a secure grid.

Yes. You can opt out at any time through My Account or by calling (602) 236-8888. You will be removed from the program at the end of the current billing cycle.

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Switch to SRP Solar Choice

SRP Solar Choice has replaced our EarthWise Energy and Community Solar programs. Make the switch today.