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Information for commercial solar contractors

The following information will help you better serve your commercial customers with their solar electric projects. The major steps that you need to take to apply for and complete a solar interconnection are outlined below.

Before starting the application process, please review the following:

It is important to understand and comply with SRP's interconnection requirements to ensure the solar electric system is safely interconnected with the energy grid. Carefully review all SRP guidelines and requirements, including the documents below:

For generating facilities greater than 300 kW

  • Technical review
    To ensure safe and reliable electric service, SRP technical reviews are required to connect generating facilities greater than 300 kW to the grid. These reviews may include short circuit analysis, hosting capacity analysis, system protection facility analysis and operations analysis. You will need to provide the size, type and location of proposed generation and other details to SRP via the online application. SRP will inform you of the review outcome, which may include any necessary modifications to meet requirements and ensure the reliability and safety of the grid.
  • Facilities rider Document is a PDF
    Required for non-inverter-based generating facilities greater than 300 kW, as well as inverter-based generating facilities 1 MW and greater in size.
  • Telemetry requirements Document is a PDF (section 1-32 through 1-34)
    To provide our customers with a high degree of service reliability under normal operating conditions, generating facilities must have adequate and reliable telemetry. Generating facilities 1 MW and greater in size will require telemetering equipment and telecommunications at the customer’s expense. The metered data will be telemetered to locations designated by SRP and the customer. The purpose is to collect real-time generation information that could be offsetting system load.
  • Standby electric service rider Document is a PDF
    Required for inverter-based and non-inverter-based generating facilities 3 MW and greater in size.

Contractors must apply for and receive approval from SRP prior to system installation.

Apply online using our PowerClerk online application.

If you need access to PowerClerk, please email

Application package

Your online application package must include a completed Commercial Solar Electric Agreement (available in PowerClerk). You must also upload the required documents below, as applicable.

Required document Must include
Executed purchase contract or solar service agreement
  • Customer name
  • Installation address
  • Module manufacturer, model number and quantity
  • Inverter manufacturer, model number and quantity
  • Cost
Warranty information As specified in the interconnection requirements Document is a PDF.
Signed lease agreement As specified in the interconnection requirements Document is a PDF.
Site plan diagram
  • Customer name
  • Installation address
  • System size (watt-DC and watt-AC)
  • Arrangement of the major equipment, including the electrical service entrance section and SRP billing meter
  • Location of generator and interface equipment
  • The location of the disconnect switch
  • For system expansions, the drawings must show the existing system, as well as the expansion
  • Sample site plan diagram Document is a PDF
Three-line electrical diagram
  • Customer name
  • Installation address
  • System size (watt-DC and watt-AC)
  • All neutral and ground conductors and connections
  • Module manufacturer and model number
  • Inverter manufacturer and model number
  • Sample three-line electrical diagram Document is a PDF

One-line electrical diagram

Sample one-line electrical diagram Document is a PDF

Relay schematic

Relay schematic only required on projects 1 MW or larger.

SRP will review the application package for completeness. If additional information is needed, SRP will notify the applicant. SRP's approval of the complete application typically occurs within seven to 10 business days following receipt of the application.

Generating facilities greater than 1 megawatt

If the generating facility is greater than 1 MW based on the sum of the nameplate inverter ratings, a remote disconnect schematic and connection diagram will also be required.

Making changes to your application

If you require changes to any portion of the application after submission, you must complete the Customer Change Request for Submitted Applications form located within your PowerClerk online application.


Nonprofit customers entering into a Solar Service Agreement with a third-party solar vendor will need to submit the following agreements in accordance with our Distributed Solar Option (DSO):


After approving the application, SRP will assign a design consultant to review the drawings and perform a pre-construction site visit to ensure the proposed installation will comply with SRP interconnection guidelines. For projects over 300 kW AC, a more in-depth review is required.

Upon receiving SRP approval to install, you must obtain all applicable building permits as required by the authority having jurisdiction (AHJ). Once obtained, you may install the equipment according to the specifications approved by SRP and the AHJ.

After installation, you may need to request an inspection from the AHJ. The AHJ is responsible for submitting its system clearance to SRP. SRP will not accept clearance notification from any entity other than the AHJ.

If the AHJ does not require building permits or inspections, you must submit a Certificate In-Lieu of Electrical Clearance for Solar Projects (CILC) Document is a PDF to SRP. Both the customer and contractor must sign the CILC. You may submit the CILC via email to our City Clearance Desk.

Once the city clearance or the CILC has been received, as outlined in Step 5, SRP will perform a final inspection of the system to ensure that the actual installation matches the design provided in the application, approved by SRP in Step 4.

SRP will leave a notification at the site indicating whether the system passed or failed the inspection. Projects requiring more than two inspections will incur additional fees charged to the contractor.

Once you pass your SRP system inspection, you must submit a signed Distribution Interconnection Agreement to SRP prior to commissioning. The agreement is available in our PowerClerk online application.

Sample agreements

SRP will schedule the commissioning and notify the customer and contractor of the appointment via email.

At the time of commissioning, SRP will set the metering for the solar power system and perform an interconnection test of the system. The customer or contractor must be present to operate the equipment. The customer's equipment may not operate at any time prior to the successful completion of the interconnection test.

Upon successful completion of the commissioning, the system will be permitted to operate.

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If you have questions, please contact an SRP solar representative at (602) 236-4663.


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