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Technical interconnection requirements

For generating facilities greater than 300 kW

  • Technical review and study requirements
    To ensure safe and reliable electric service, SRP technical studies are required to connect generating facilities greater than 300 kW to the grid. These reviews may include short circuit analysis, hosting capacity analysis, system protection facility analysis, operations analysis, transmission system impact studies and facilities studies. You will need to provide the size, type and location of proposed generation and other details to SRP via the online application. SRP will inform you of the study outcome, which may include any necessary modifications to meet requirements and ensure the reliability and safety of the grid.
  • Facilities rider Document is a PDF
    Required for non-inverter-based generating facilities greater than 300 kW, as well as inverter-based generating facilities 1 MW and greater in size.
  • Telemetry requirements Document is a PDF (section 1-32 through 1-34)
    To provide our customers with a high degree of service reliability under normal operating conditions, generating facilities must have adequate and reliable telemetry. Generating facilities 1 MW and greater in size will require telemetering equipment and telecommunications at the customer’s expense. The metered data will be telemetered to locations designated by SRP and the customer. The purpose is to collect real-time generation information that could be offsetting system load.
  • Standby electric service rider Document is a PDF
    Required for inverter-based and non-inverter-based generating facilities 3 MW and greater in size.

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