Solar electricity for your home

The SRP Residential Distributed Energy Resource Program is designed to help you interconnect your solar electric system safely to SRP's electric grid.

To help safeguard you, any solar panels added at your home needs to be reviewed and approved before you use or connect to the SRP grid. While you may find off-the-shelf solar units available at home improvement stores or online, be cautious about installing electric equipment at your home.

Our solar process is designed to review equipment to ensure it meets the proper specifications, codes and UL listings. Keeping your home safe is just one of the things we want to assist with as you consider a solar installation.

Getting started

Step 1 - Calculate costs

Before deciding to install a solar electric system, it is important to review the financial implications and get a sense for the total out-of-pocket cost you might expect to pay. Both installation and variable costs will contribute to this total amount.

  • Installation costs are those associated with acquiring a solar system. This amount will vary depending on whether you purchase the system outright, obtain a loan or lease the system. Examine all of your options in order to choose the financing method that best fits with your lifestyle.
  • Variable costs are those associated with your bill on one of SRP's residential price plans for solar customers. You will still have an SRP bill after solar to cover any energy purchased from SRP that wasn't provided by your solar generation. Having access to the SRP grid during those hours when the sun is not shining provides a valuable safety net.

Factors such as the orientation of your panels in different seasons may affect your monthly costs. For example, the choice to situate your rooftop system with an east orientation rather than a southern exposure may impact generation, which can result in purchasing more or less energy than expected, thus affecting your monthly costs.

Check out our solar calculator in SRP My Account™ to help you estimate your costs.

Step 2 - Review process checklist

The SRP Distributed Energy Resource Interconnection Process Flow Document is a PDF will walk you through the steps you will need to follow to interconnect your solar electric system safely to SRP's electric grid. Review the Program Requirements Document is a PDF.

Step 3 - Select a contractor

Once you have determined that installing a solar electric system makes sense, you will need to select a licensed solar electric dealer and installer. Once selected, your contractor will help you complete and submit all necessary paperwork to SRP.

Looking for solar installers near you? SRP preferred solar installers are available to assist you. Preferred installers are licensed, bonded and trained on how solar works in conjunction with SRP's solar price plans. All of our preferred solar contractors are in good standing with both the Better Business Bureau and the Arizona Registrar of Contractors. Get in touch with one today by calling SRP at (602) 889-2657.

SRP has learned of scammers pretending to be affiliated with our preferred solar installers program. If a company comes to your door or calls you claiming to be partnered with SRP, please call us at (602) 889-2657.

Frequently asked questions

Find answers to your questions about SRP's Residential Solar Electric Program.

Demand Management Systems rebate

Get a $250 rebate from SRP with the purchase and installation of one of our approved Demand Management Systems when installed by one of SRP's Preferred Solar Installers. If you're on a demand-based price plan, manage and monitor your demand using the latest technologies. See rebate details.

Solar installations in your neighborhood

Learn more about the status of solar installations throughout Arizona at .

Contact us

If you have questions about the SRP Residential Distributed Energy Resource Program, please contact a solar representative at (602) 236-4448.

SRP solar solutions are also available to business customers.

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