Online payment options

You can pay your SRP electric bill online with Visa, American Express, Discover and MasterCard credit cards, any debit card, Amazon Pay, PayPal or Venmo.

Payments are processed by Paymentus, which accepts a maximum payment amount of $750 and charges a $2 processing fee for this transaction. SRP does not collect any fees in connection with credit or debit cards, or online payments.

Please note, you will be taken to the Paymentus website.

Pay by phone

Call Paymentus toll free, 24-hours a day at (855) 671-9276.

Please have your nine-digit SRP account number and credit or debit card when you call.

Information to note

  • If your payment is returned, you will be charged with a returned-payment fee on your residential or business account.
  • If you are on M-Power, the credit from your card purchase will need to be authorized to load to your meter. You can release the credit by using the M-Power app, from My Account or by calling (602) 236-8888.