Business Time-of-Use Price Plan (E-32)

Watching the clock could help your company maximize its energy savings.

SRP's business Time-of-Use Price Plan (TOU) is an optional price plan where electricity is priced at three different levels depending on the time of day — on-peak, shoulder and off-peak pricing periods.

TOU is designed for businesses with electricity demand ranging from 5 – 1,500 kW that are able to take advantage of the lower prices in the shoulder and off-peak periods. About 85% of the summer hours are either lower-priced off-peak or shoulder hours, offering your company the opportunity to save money.

How it works

The key to saving money on business TOU is to limit usage during the higher-priced on-peak hours and shift to lower-priced off-peak and shoulder hours. You may already be doing some of this, and with some additional adjustments, switching to this price plan could maximize your energy savings.

Plus, off-peak pricing is about one-third the cost of on-peak pricing, making it a significant time frame to save.


November through April
(Prices per kWh)
May, June, September, October
(Prices per kWh)
Summer Peak
July, August
(Prices per kWh)

In addition to per kilowatt hour charges, demand charges and a service charge apply. They are:

Summer on-peak demand charge: $5.29
Summer peak on-peak demand charge: $6.99
Winter on-peak demand charge: maximum of $4.69
Summer, summer-peak and winter shoulder and off-peak demand charge: $1.05
Monthly service charge: $22.72 plus meter charge (CT/PT $16.88 or demand $6.11)
*All weekend hours are off peak.

Note: The demand charge applies to all kW > 5kW for the maximum demand measured during on-peak hours and shoulder or off-peak hours.

Who can realize the biggest savings?

  • Businesses open:
    • Monday – Friday (8 a.m. – 5 p.m.)
    • Earlier in the summer
    • Later in the winter (after 9 a.m.)
    • Weekends
  • Businesses that can avoid high electricity usage during peak usage hours (Summer 2 – 7 p.m. and Winter 5 – 9 a.m.)

90-day risk-free guarantee

If your first three bills on business TOU aren't lower than what you would have paid on the General Service Price Plan, contact us and we'll credit you the difference and switch you back.

Energy savings tips

  • Install programmable thermostats that automatically adjust temperature settings based on the time of day and day of week.
  • Pre-cool your air-conditioned space on weekdays:
    • Set your thermostat 4° to 5° lower than the normal temperature setting for several hours before TOU peak hours (2 – 7 p.m.) or shoulder hours (11 a.m. – 2 p.m.)
    • During business TOU peak hours (2 – 7 p.m.), readjust your thermostat to its normal setting or, if possible, 2° higher than normal.
  • Perform flexible operations that require significant amounts of electricity during off-peak hours — at night or during the weekend. For example, use timers for equipment such as battery charges and water coolers.
  • Install plug load controllers to control multiple loads like monitors, task lights and fans so inactive equipment can be shut down when the space is unoccupied.

Call to sign up for business TOU

To enroll in the program, call (602) 236-8833.

Plan details

For more information about business TOU, please view the price sheet File is a PDF and applicable riders File is a PDF.

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