Report on electric cost allocation & stakeholder workshops

As part of the 2015 price process, SRP management committed to complete a review of SRP's cost allocation methodologies with a diverse group of stakeholders.

Last fall, SRP management held a series of stakeholder meetings to review SRP's current cost allocation methodologies and receive input from a variety of participants including representatives of the residential, commercial and industrial customer sectors, renewable energy and energy efficiency stakeholders, and SRP's Residential Advisory Committee. SRP Vice President John Hoopes and Board Directors Wendy Marshall, Paul Rovey, and Nick Brown also attended these stakeholder sessions.

After meeting with stakeholders, management prepared the report, downloadable below, that summarizes the process. Participating stakeholders had an opportunity to review a draft report and provide comments which were considered in the final report.

SRP also received additional feedback from several of its Key Account customers whose comments are included in Appendix O of this report.

In response to comments by some of the participants, management is currently undertaking a survey of cost allocation methodologies employed by other utilities related to generation costs, energy efficiency and renewable costs.

SRP management plans to make a presentation on the stakeholder process to the Board during an April Board committee meeting or soon thereafter. At their request, participating stakeholders will be notified of the meeting in advance.