Moving Forward Together

At SRP, we’re putting research and innovation to work to safeguard Arizona’s water for today and tomorrow. Every day, we protect what matters most — our communities, our environment and our future — by making sure the water we need will be here for generations to come. Join us in moving forward, together, toward one reliable future.

Where Your Water Comes From Image is of snow covered pine forests at sunset.
117 years of water

SRP has been bringing water to the Valley since 1903. The water you get at home has traveled more than 150 miles from its source high in the mountains. It flows down rivers, into lakes and through canals — and SRP is there at every turn. Follow the journey from our watershed to your home.

Tour the Watershed

In our Watershed video series, we explore the Salt and Verde watersheds, where your tap water begins as rain and snow. Watch now

water bottle
Protecting Our Water Supply Image of a lake in the mountins with pine forest in the background.
8.3 million acres
of watershed

The water we use every day comes from forests in northern and eastern Arizona. We’re taking action to improve the health of these forests by partnering with organizations and private industry to restore damaged areas, thin overgrown forestlands and invest in critical research. Learn why a sustainable water supply starts with wildfire prevention, and see what we’re doing to keep our forests — and our water supply — thriving.

Meeting challenges head-on Aerial view of Phoenix showing houses next to a canal and a substation.
10 cities and towns
working together

Protecting Arizona’s water is a big job, and we can’t do it alone. Over the years, we’ve built strong partnerships with universities, tribal nations and wildlife protection organizations throughout the Valley and the West. Together, we’re finding more efficient, sustainable and reliable ways to meet the water needs of the future.

Preserving our way of life A couple biking along a canal in Phoenix.
244 billion gallons
of water delivered
each year

Water is an important part of our lives and conservation is critical, especially here in the Valley. From water monitoring to automated delivery systems, we’re always looking for ways to save water. And there’s a lot you can do too. Learn how we’re making a difference together.

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