131 miles of canals - one reliable future 131 miles of canals - one reliable future

Our canal system doesn't just transport water. It's also a unique recreational area connecting many cities throughout the Valley. The canals give people a place to run, bike and even enjoy public art. Whether you're new to Phoenix or have lived here all your life, there's always something new to explore. Discover your neighborhood.

If you've been in the Phoenix area for long, you've seen homes, businesses and farms flooding their lawns and fields with irrigation water. Have you ever wondered how the system works? Check out SRP Irrigation 101.

Some sights around the Valley are meant to be seen up close. You can find parks, historical sites, hydropower plants and more to explore along the canals. Before you take off on foot or by bike, use the canal distances map to plot your route.

For most of the year, the canals are kept clean and clear by 44,000 weed-eating white amur. But during the winter, the fish are sometimes moved so that canals can be repaired. Learn how SRP crews make it happen.

Canals move the Valley

Stephanie Berry, SRP's water scheduling manager, explains how the system of dams, lakes and canals serves Valley residents - from farmers to neighborhoods.

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