Canal recreation

The banks of SRP-operated canals are popular recreation areas. However, anyone using the canal banks always should keep in mind that the canals, canal banks and associated facilities are built and maintained for the primary purpose of transmission and distribution of water.

Canal banks are open for walking, running and bicycling in most areas. You can view a map of the canals, including distances between various points and information about "interpretive sites" along the canals.

Aerial view of a series of canals bisecting a residential neighborhood and open space.

Swimming and other water activities are not permitted. Please visit our Canal Safety page before going out on the canal banks.

Motorized vehicles, other than those specifically authorized by SRP, are not allowed on canal banks. Swimming or other water activities are not permitted in the canals for safety reasons. SRP security personnel patrol the canals regularly.

Unauthorized users of the banks are considered trespassers. Citations are issued and, when appropriate, trespassers are turned over to local law enforcement agencies for prosecution.

Before using canal banks for special events, organized groups must secure permission from SRP. This process allows SRP to verify insurance coverage and helps to identify unique concerns that may influence the success of the event.

For information on the permit process visit our Land Department page, or call (602) 236-3126.

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