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Together, we conserve

Here in the Valley, it’s especially important that we work together to protect our water supply and do what we can to conserve.

If we each do a little, we can conserve a lot. While you’re working to make your home and business more water-smart, SRP is carefully managing the Valley’s water supply. Together, we’ll meet the water needs of our growing communities, today and tomorrow.

A culture of conservation

Conservation has been at the heart of SRP’s water management strategy for more than a century. We’re always looking for ways to better manage and protect our water resources. Through research, technology and innovative thinking, we’re continuing to make our operations more water-efficient and reduce water loss along the canals.

Over the years, we’ve also built strong strategic partnerships to help Arizonans save more water at home. We work with organizations like EPA WaterSense , Valley cities, and the Water – Use It Wisely campaign .

Saving water at home

When it comes to conserving water, small changes can make a big difference. Our partners at Water – Use It Wisely have put together almost 200 ideas for saving water. From the bathroom to the backyard, these tips can help you start conserving in new ways today.

Save on water-saving upgrades

Many cities and towns throughout the Greater Phoenix area offer rebates on water-saving products, like high-efficiency toilets and showerheads, xeriscaping (low-water-use landscape) and irrigation controllers. These products can help you save water — and money. Click on your city to learn more.

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