Overview of irrigation customer information

Irrigation is one of the reasons this part of the desert enjoys year-round recreation and agricultural success. SRP wants to make irrigation easy for you and your neighbors with these tips and resources.

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Irrigation Overview

In our video series, learn about our SRP irrigation services, how it works, best practices for working with neighbors and ways to maintain the systems.

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Water customer responsibilities

You are responsible for getting water to your property from the SRP delivery gate at the scheduled time. Order only as much water as you need and contain all the water you order on your property. Water theft and flooding resulting in property damage could lead to a civil lawsuit. Learn more about your and SRP's responsibilities.


Prompt repairs to the neighborhood system in your area help ensure uninterrupted water deliveries. If you and your neighbors cannot make repairs yourselves, call us to request a list of irrigation repair contractors you can contact for help. Please let SRP know when the repairs are complete so service can resume with the next possible water delivery.

Neighborhood associations

Many irrigating neighborhoods have formed neighborhood associations to promote teamwork, share expenses and discuss problems. These can be formal or informal homeowner associations or county-approved water delivery districts. Here are some tips on how to work together with your neighbors to maintain your irrigation system.

Irrigation Water Delivery Districts (IWDDs)

An IWDD is a group of adjacent landowners who enter into a cooperative relationship to handle the operation and maintenance of the neighborhood system. IWDDs are provided for under Arizona law. Learn more about forming a water delivery district. If you would like a packet of information about IWDDs, please contact us.

Key homeowners

A key homeowner is a volunteer for the neighborhood or group of irrigators who helps SRP contact neighbors about events or situations requiring quick notification. These volunteers are also a great source of information about the neighborhood system.

  • Delegate a key homeowner by asking for volunteers. An effective key homeowner enjoys working with neighbors and is knowledgeable and comfortable with the operation of the neighborhood system.
  • If you would like to organize a neighborhood meeting or volunteer to be a key homeowner, please let us know. An SRP field services liaison is available to attend the meeting or explain the key homeowner program.

Commercial irrigators

Some neighborhoods hire commercial irrigators as a convenient way to handle their irrigation needs. These commercial irrigators place water orders, oversee water deliveries, and often make repairs to the neighborhood system. If interested, see our list of commercial irrigators. Commercial irrigators are not affiliated with SRP, and we do not supervise their actions.

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