Start, stop or make a change to your irrigation service

Whether you’re new to SRP's service territory, moving out or simply switching homes in the area, starting, stopping or making changes to your irrigation service is just a phone call or click away.

To start service

  1. Confirm you’re in our service territory.
  2. Call (602) 236-3333 and provide your name and address.
  3. Learn how to order irrigation water.

To cancel a delivery or stop service

  1. To cancel a single order, login to My Account and enter ‘0’ where you'd normally enter your requested time or call (602) 236-3333.
  2. To permanently cancel your irrigation service call (602) 236-3333.

To update your irrigation service

  1. To sign up for the recurring order program, use our sign up online or call (602) 236-3333
  2. To make any other changes to your irrigation service, login to My Account or call (602) 236-3333.

Contact us

Call the SRP Water Contact Center to report an irrigation emergency, to ask a question or to request a visit or call from a water delivery specialist. We welcome suggestions for improving our service to you and are here to help 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Online inquires will be handled during normal business hours.

SRP employees are committed to providing excellent service and maintaining a cost-effective, safe and efficient water delivery system.

Please call us at (602) 236-3333 anytime or look at our in-depth FAQs