8.3 Million Watershed Acres - one reliable future 8.3 Million Watershed Acres - one reliable future

Before water gets to you, it flows through a watershed made up of forests, creeks, streams, rivers and reservoirs. These areas are vital to the Valley's water supply. That's why scientists and leaders at SRP are continuously developing new projects and technologies to keep millions of watershed acres healthy and safe.

Many Arizona forests are unhealthy and overgrown, putting them at risk for catastrophic wildfires. SRP has formed key partnerships to help strategically thin our forests. Learn how healthy forests protect our water.

In the last 10 years, more than 25% of Arizona's watershed has been burned by disastrous wildfires. SRP is working to reverse the damage done to our Sonoran Desert. Read about our efforts and how you can help.

Misguided forest management policies have led to overgrown forests. In places like the Cragin Watershed, forest growth has increased from 100 trees to 6,000 trees per acre. SRP is helping to restore the Cragin Watershed.

How we're planning for the future.

In episode 6 of our Watershed Video Series, we explore what is happening now that impacts our water supply and how we can plan ahead to secure it for the future.

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