Agua Fria Generating Station

Owner/operator: Wholly owned by SRP.

Description: Three steam generation units and three combustion turbine generators.

Location: Peoria, Ariz.

Capacity: 626 megawatts, from six units, plus 200 kilowatts from one solar generating unit.

Fuel source: The station can burn either natural gas or oil, depending upon availability and cost. The station is also capable of solar generation.

Plant construction: Construction began in the late 1950s. Unit 2 was completed in April 1957, Unit 1 in January 1958 and Unit 3 in April 1961. Units 5 and 6 were completed in July 1974 and Unit 4 in May 1975. The solar generating unit was completed in March 2001.

Construction cost: Units 1 and 2 cost $24 million total, Unit 3 cost $20 million, and Units 4, 5 and 6 cost $22.3 million total.

Plant operations:

  • Agua Fria units are used to supplement base-load plants and add power during peak demands.
  • Agua Fria is a quick source of electricity, capable of producing power within 20-30 minutes.

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