SRP Energy Sources

An energy mix to power tomorrow

To deliver reliable energy and meet our highest demand for service during our extreme summers, SRP generates electricity from a mix of renewable sources like solar, geothermal, biomass, wind and hydropower, along with traditional generation assets such as coal and natural gas. To further ensure we dependably meet the needs of our customers, we also buy and sell excess energy on the energy markets as needed.

[A donut chart that represents the sources of energy generated at SRP. All projections are gigawatt hours (GWh as of April 30, 2021.It reads in the middle, Today's Energy Mix - 31,684 GWh. Of that total the breakdwon is as follows: Natural Gas, 14,277 GWh, Coal, 7312 GWh, Nuclear, 5,557 GWh, Market, 1,128 GWh, Other, 147 GWh, Hydro, 819GWh, Solar, 1,056 GWh, Geothermal, 1,048 GWh, Wind, 230 GWh, Biomass, 11,GWh.]

Cleaner energy sources for the future

Each year, SRP steadily adds more clean and renewable energy sources that improve the air quality and help preserve the natural beauty of Arizona. While more of your energy mix will be renewable, we’ll still have natural gas and nuclear power sources to provide dependable and affordable power. Together, this robust energy mix helps strengthen and protect our grid during summer when your energy needs are at their peak. 

Generating stations

SRP operates or participates in a number of major power plants and generating facilities in Arizona and the Southwest. These generating stations use fuel, steam and nuclear reaction to create energy. To read more about each generating station, click on the links below.

Planned decommissioning of coal-fired plants include Hayden in 2027, Craig Unit 1 in 2025 and Unit 2 in 2028, Four Corners in 2031 and Coronado no later than 2032.


SRP operates several dams along the Salt and Verde rivers and the canal system that produce electricity:

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