How to connect to SRP's energy grid

Our mission is to support and expedite your efforts to interconnect to SRP's energy grid. SRP wants to ensure that your electrical generating equipment is interconnected with the power grid in a manner that's safe and reliable. Whether you are a customer considering interconnection for the first time, or an experienced contractor looking for detailed specifications, you will find useful information here to help you learn about interconnection options, guide you through the application process, and get the job done.

SRP defines distributed generation as a generally small (up to 20 MW) electric generating facility that is dedicated to the support of nearby associated load. Distributed generation can utilize both renewable (photovoltaic, wind, water, farm waste, etc.) and non-renewable energy sources (natural gas or other fossil fuels for conventional engines, turbines and fuel cells). Regardless of the kind of distributed generation electric output (AC or DC at various voltage levels), the interconnection must conform to company standards when connected to the utility's electric system.

SRP permits any customer to operate generating equipment in parallel with the company's electric system as specified in the SRP Technical Requirements for Generating Facilities Interconnection to the Distribution System, SRP Electric Service Specifications and SRP Rules and Regulations, provided there is no adverse effect on the company's other customers, equipment, or personnel, or the quality of service. Certain protective devices (relays, circuit breakers, etc.), when specified by the company, must be installed at all locations where the customer desires to operate generation in parallel with the company's system.

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