Report energy theft or vandalism

SRP is doing all it can to stop theft, but your help is needed. Help us improve safety and keep costs low by reporting energy theft.

If you suspect someone of tampering with electric service, you can also make an anonymous call to our toll-free Energy Theft Hotline at (800) 350-7135 or send us an e-mail.

Safety concerns

Power thieves tamper with electric service connections and meters to avoid paying for electricity. Attempting to steal power is a dangerous proposition. Not only can it can result in fires, but individuals can be severely burned or even electrocuted.

Legal violations

Energy theft is against the law. Arizona Revised Statutes identify penalties for criminal damage and theft of utility services ranging from a Class 3 Misdemeanor (30 days in jail plus $500) to a Class 6 Felony (five years in jail plus $150,000).

Report theft

SRP takes power theft seriously. We want to protect you from harm and needless rising costs. Help us stop theft and protect those that may come in contact with potential hazards by reporting it.