Environmental policy and programs

SRP was founded on the principle of resource conservation and is committed to the protection and preservation of natural and cultural resources.

We strive to balance the needs of our customers while protecting the environment by adhering to the following environmental principles and policies. Each year we work to grow the projects and programs that support them.

Taking action on climate change

As a community-based leader, SRP is committed to helping our customers achieve their clean energy goals and reduce the risks of climate change on Arizona communities and our region. Today, given the growing risks associated with the changing climate, SRP will significantly and steadily reduce greenhouse gas emissions while maintaining a sustainable, reliable and affordable supply of power and water.

You can review information about SRP's greenhouse gas emissions from 2016-2019 .

Reducing our impact now and in the future

Our sustainability initiatives demonstrate our commitment to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and ensuring we have a reliable and resilient power and water supply. We have set the following goals to get us there: reduce our carbon footprint, ensure water resiliency, modernize the energy grid, promote a sustainable supply chain, reduce waste and engage with our communities and customers.

Leadership through innovation

We believe that environmental leadership involves making responsible investments that benefit the environment and address climate change while continuing to meet the needs of our customers. We have done this by committing resources to research and develop new technology that supports those objectives.

Engagement through communication

We strive to serve as a model of environmental responsibility and consider engaging our employees and the communities we serve as vital to this effort. We voluntarily publish information about:

Compliance through collaboration

We have a deeply rooted culture of environmental regulatory compliance. We have implemented extensive compliance programs and policies, and we regularly perform audits and in-depth self-evaluations of our facilities and operations.

We also take proactive steps to go above and beyond regulatory requirements when it makes sense for our customers and the environment. SRP also works collaboratively with state and federal agencies to develop balanced, proactive solutions to protect natural resources.

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