Starting electric service at your business

If you plan to locate or relocate your business in SRP's electric service territory, you've made a smart choice and we look forward to serving you.

Turn-on where a meter exists

If the building or office suite already is connected to an electric meter, all you need to do is establish service in your name or that of your business.

To order service through a Business Center team member, call (602) 236-8833 between 7 a.m. and 5 p.m. Monday through Friday, excluding holidays.

You don't need to be present when electric service is connected, as long as SRP has safe access to the meter. After we have connected power, please reset fuses or breakers, which we leave off for safety reasons.

Turn-on where a meter is needed

If your building is newly constructed, the builder or architect usually notifies SRP during construction that a meter is needed. Before it can be energized you will need to:

  1. Obtain municipal clearance: Contact the appropriate city or county to schedule an inspection. For a list of phone numbers, please see Obtaining Municipal Clearance.
  2. Tag the meters: If more than one meter will be required (for buildings with multiple suites or units), you will need to identify each meter with a tag. Please see Electric Meter Tags.
  3. Contact SRP: You'll need to Contact Us to request power turn-on in your name at that location. Power turn-on can be done only after you have municipal clearance.

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Same-day power turn-on

If you need to activate electric service right away at an office building or suite that has an existing electric meter, SRP can do this the same day you request it as long as you make your request by noon. The one-time fee for same-day service is $55 plus tax.

To order same-day service, call (602) 236-8833, by noon, Monday through Friday, excluding holidays.

Turn-on at a building under construction

If you plan to build or have a building under construction, you'll find step-by-step guidelines for starting electric service at the new building in SRP's Commercial Design and Construction Guide.

The guide offers timelines to aid you in project planning and lists of SRP representatives who can answer questions you may have during construction.

Terms of service

Before you schedule your power turn-on, please review the following:

Our promise to you

We know how important it is to have electricity available on the day you move in. That's why once you request service turn-on and we set a date to activate power, SRP promises to meet that appointment. If, for some reason, your electricity is not activated on the appointment date and it's our fault, we'll waive your service turn-on fee, plus tax.

Exceptional service—it's another way SRP delivers more than power.

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