Temporary electric service

SRP can provide short-term or transitory electric service for:

  • Construction sites, kiosks, and portable classrooms; and
  • Property owners and managers who need temporary service for clean-ups or property showings.

Construction sites, kiosks, and portable classrooms

When ordering temporary service, you'll need to provide your service address, mailing address and telephone number, as well as the following load information:

  • Size of Service Entrance Section (SES), in amps
  • Single-phase or three-phase
  • Voltage: 120/240, 120/208 or 277/480
  • Equipment load, in horsepower (if applicable)
  • Overhead or underground service

Temporary service can be ordered:

For more information, visit Customer Construction Services.

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Property owners and managers

Landlord Agreements (known as "automatic turn-ons") are available to property owners and managers who need temporary electric power for clean-ups and showing of rental units.

With a Landlord Agreement, apartment owners don't need to call SRP to have electricity turned on in their name once a tenant has disconnected service. This is a time-saving convenience.

Once a Landlord Agreement is established, SRP will automatically transfer the electric account for a rental unit, without charge, to the owner or manager's name once a tenant disconnects service in their name. Agreements will be canceled if locations are rented with utilities included or converted into condominiums.

To establish a Landlord Agreement, an owner or manager must already have a permanent SRP electric account in their name, have at least 10 residential locations and a $40 deposit will be required for each individual location account covered by the Landlord Agreement. There are no further fees for service to individual units.

View the Landlord Agreement Terms.

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