Project Red Hawk

Formerly the Allium Project. See how new electric infrastructure will support the growing technology industry in Mesa.

Formerly the Allium Project. See how new electric infrastructure will support the growing technology industry in Mesa. To contact SRP about this project, please call (602) 236-2872.

New project addresses future energy needs

On Aug. 21, 2019, SRP began a process to inform the public about an upcoming project to provide energy services and infrastructure to a commercial customer on its new 187-acre parcel for a data center located near Elliot and Sossaman roads in east Mesa, Arizona.

The property is located on land that is in an area designated for industrial, employment and mixed-use development. The area is actively marketing to high-tech customers south of the existing SRP Browning to Santan high-voltage power line corridor.

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The project will connect a new 230 kV switchyard to the existing Browning to Santan power line located in SRP’s transmission corridor immediately north of the project site. The switchyard will serve 230 kV transformers connected by up to 22 double-circuit structures with an average height of 130 feet. Each of these transformers will be strategically placed throughout the customer’s property to serve a portion of the customer load. All electrical facilities will be located on SRP's right-of-way or on the customer-owned parcel.

Public outreach

As a public power provider, SRP is responsible for ensuring that all customers are served with affordable and reliable electrical services. As a first step in providing service, SRP notified property owners and stakeholders within a half mile of the proposed data center.

On Sept. 23, 2019, SRP filed a permit application for a Certificate of Environmental Compatibility (CEC) through the Arizona Corporation Commission (ACC). With SRP's filing, the Arizona Power Plant and Transmission Line Siting Committee conducted public hearing sessions and developed a recommendation to the ACC for its consideration.

ACC approval

On Dec. 10, 2019, the ACC unanimously approved the CEC for the project. The approval is the final step of the application process and enables SRP to move forward with project design and construction.

For more than 100 years, SRP has focused on long-range planning and collaboration that supports economic development by providing reliable energy supplies that enable growth and high-tech development in the communities we serve.

Design and engineering

View visual renditions of the project below. The renderings do not reflect any potential buildings or other onsite infrastructure, as specific site plans are under development and will depend on the customer's needs.

Transmission line structures

The typical 230-kV pole is 110 to 130 feet tall with a pole diameter of four feet and double-circuit 230-kV line.

Graphic of three power poles side-by-side and their associated heights. The 500kV Single Cicuit Pole is 140'-180' in height. The 230/69kV pole is 120'-160' in height. Both of these poles are similar to what is installed in the existing transmission corridor adjacent to the project site. The third pole is a 230kV pole with a height of 110'-130'. This transmission pole is similar to what might be installed on the project site to serve the customer's electric needs.